Tell Your Side Of The Story

Domestic violence charges come with a deep stigma in Kentucky and elsewhere. Even if you are not convicted, just being charged can cast a shadow over your personal life, job prospects and other unforeseen areas. That's why it's crucial to meet domestic violence charges with a strong defense, prepared by an experienced defense attorney: once an accusation has been made, it's your turn to tell your side of the story.

Bryce L CaldwellWhen you have been unfairly charged, I will help you request that charges be dropped or replaced with lesser charges. Judges and prosecutors need to be reminded that neighbors often mistake raised voices in a heated argument for a more serious altercation. And once police have been called to the scene, one partner or the other can end up in jail for the night almost by default.

The defense strategy that I will design with your input will also take into account the very low threshold in Kentucky for misdemeanor assault charges — no bruises or marks are necessary to prove the claim. The alleged victim need only say that he or she felt pain.

Maintain Access To Your Home And Your Children

In cases where domestic violence did undeniably occur, I will help you seek a fair and light sentence. In the meantime, I can also help you maintain access to your home and your possessions when you and your partner live together. Even more importantly, I can help you maintain a relationship with your children during the legal process.

Stand Up For Your Legal Rights With A Lawyer's Help

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