If You Were The Victim Of A Jail Assault, Your Civil Rights Were Violated

If you were the victim of excessive force, police brutality, a jail assault, or were denied medical care while in custody, your rights were violated. You deserve compensation for your injuries.

I am attorney Bryce L. Caldwell. I believe everyone — no matter his or her circumstances — deserves to have his or her constitutional rights protected. I will fight to protect your civil rights and hold police officers and prison guards liable for their bad acts.

Located in Owensboro, I represent individuals throughout Kentucky who have had their civil rights violated by police officers, prison guards and other government actors.

Were Your Rights Violated While In Custody?

Bryce L CaldwellWhile incarcerated or in custody, your constitutional rights are limited. However, your Eighth Amendment right is not.

The Eighth Amendment protects U.S. citizens from cruel and unusual punishment while in custody. The Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean:

  • Police cannot use excessive force against you.
  • You have the right to necessary medical care.
  • You have the right to be protected from injury caused by other inmates.
  • Jail and prison conditions cannot be dangerous or overly restrictive.

If you were denied these protections, you may have a civil rights claim for damages.

You Have Rights, I Will Help You Protect Them

Proving your civil rights were violated can be challenging. Many people are hesitant to go up against police and prison guards. They feel that police departments protect their own violations and that no matter how clear the violation, they can't win.

While proving your inmate injury claim will be tough, it is not impossible if you have an experienced lawyer working on your case.

I am first and foremost, a litigator. I have successfully represented victims of jail assault, inmate injuries and other custody-related injuries. I build strong civil rights claims that get results.

I begin with an in-depth investigation into the incident. I examine the jail, prison or police departments' policies and procedures, and its incident report, as well as your medical records. I also speak with inmates and other individuals who witnessed the crime. I then file lawsuits holding all responsible parties liable.

Stand Up For Your Civil Rights. Contact My Firm Today.

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